How to Create a New Hosting Account

The first steps consists in creating one (or more) new hosting packages by clicking on Add Package (in the left menu). You can not create a new account without having previously created a package. Follow these steps to create an account:

  1. In the Account Functions section of the left menu, click on Create a New Account.
  2. In the right menu under Domain Information, type the domain name in the Domain field (without www, http://, or spaces).
  3. Click on the Username field, which should automatically be filled with a default name.
  4. Choose a secure password for this account, and type it in the Password et Re-type Password fields.
  5. Specify a contact email address (in the Email field) for this account.
  6. In the Package section, choose a package among those created previously.
  7. Click on the Create button.

A confirmation page will be displayed; print it for later use.

Note: Do not modify parameters that you do not fully understand; the WHM is a powerful tool, and a slight change can often affect several accounts negatively.

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