How to Create a New Hosting Package

Before creating new client accounts, resellers are encouraged to design one or more hosting packages. A hosting package determines the disk space, bandwidth, number of email accounts, and other features that the client will have access to. By creating several hosting packages, you can cater to different clients' needs, and sell the service at different price points.

To create a new hosting package:

  1. Log in to the WHM using your Reseller username and password
  2. Under Packages, click Add a package
  3. Give your package a descriptive name of your choice and specify its limits. We recommend you allow at least 100 MB of disk space and 10,000 MB of bandwidth per account. We recommend you keep the x3 theme for your packages, and keep other options to their default setting unless you have specific reasons to do otherwise.
  4. If you wish to offer specific features in one package and not in another, you may further customize your packages using Feature lists, which can be managed from the Feature Manager in the WHM. By default all features are enabled.
  5. Click Add to create the new package
Once you have created the new package, you will be able to create new accounts using this package
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